We made a deal with Belgian band Our Common Sense to promote their upcoming EP.
Our Common Sense is a young band from Belgium who are around since 2014.

Post rock/metal band with an exciting touch of the heavier genres.
We offer mesmerizing riffs with a blend of stoner, sludge and doom references.

Spring 2018 we are set to release our first EP called ‘Mankind’s Worst To Know’.
Our EP will contain five songs and tells the story of our contemporarysociety and how we experience it.
How eyes follow every movement we make and how fast people judge our believes.
Leaving us behind, cast to stone.


Upcoming shows:
24-03-18: NL, Retranchement @ Strandpaviljoen De Zeemeeuw/Steenworp 3e voorronde
17-03-18  BE, Eeklo @ JH De Route/Maarten’s Violent Bday
20-03-18  BE, Live at Radio Benelux during the Durango Sessions between 9pm CET and 10pm CET/www.radiobenelux.be
24-03-18  BE, Ghent @ Café Den Drummer/EP Releaseshow
30-03-18  BE, Waarschoot @ Café Metro/Easter Madness Over Waarschoot
29-04-18  BE, Sint-Amandsberg @ JH Asgaard/Showcase HLP with Six o ‘Five