We made a deal with Dutch band Depths Of Kronos, who released their second EP ‘From The Void’ in October 2017. 

This is also a pretty young band, doing their thing since 2014 and already released a first EP in 2014 called ‘Into The Depths’. This Dutch band from the city of Tilburg and surroundings is making melodic deathmetal and when they played at the Zeeuwse Voorronde from the Metal Battle, which they won, they impressed me so much that I had a meeting with them that same evening. When they told me that they had released a second EP but that not much had happened regarding media-support I told them HLP was interested to take over the mediapromo for this newest EP and to do it’s best to get them some well deserved media-support.

Upcoming shows:
14-04-18  BE, Zonhoven @ JH Nachtwacht/Zonhoven Goes Metal Spring Edition 2018