Current Releases

Sir Reg: The Underdogs

John Garcia: John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

Dragony: Masters Of The Multiverse

Kingcrow: The Persistence

Sirenia: Arcane Astral Aeons

Unleashed: The Hunt for White Christ

Gorod: Aetha

The Heard: The Island

Browsing Collection: Don't Want To Dance

Crowsview: Lost Resistance

Hell City: Flesh & Bones

Corroded: Bitter

Dust Bolt: Trapped In Chaos

Ancient Bards: Origine(The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2).

Far Away: Viaje

High Inquisitor Woe: The Taint

Candlemass: The Door To Doom

In Motion: Thriving Force.

Upcoming Releases

Hitherside: Blue Lotus

Hunter: Hunter

Eternal Breath: World Of Chaos

Manegarm: Fornaldarsagor



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